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PostalPro Workshop-in-a-Box

Intelligent Mail® Education

Mail Entry Guides and Fact Sheets

Pre-production Environment Training
Recordings are available for two recent training sessions. These training sessions were to familiarize existing mailers with the new Pre-Production environment for the Online Enrollment Services and Incentive

  • POSTNET™ Retirement
  • A Plan for Every Mailer (PDF)
  • Intelligent Mail Education
  • Full-Service Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (PDF)
  • PostalOne! Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (PDF)
  • Mailing Data Quality Reports Training Updates (PDF)
  • How to Work with Your Mail Preparer (PPT)
  • IMb Initial Steps for Mailers (PPT)
  • Business Customer Gateway (PDF)
  • Videos
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (WMV/38MB)
  • USPS Intelligent Mail and Seamless Acceptance (WMV/55MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Move Update DVD
  • Move Update (WMV/89MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode Implementation (WMV/139MB)
  • Service Standards (WMV/37MB)
  • Customer/Supplier Agreements (WMV/30MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Move Update DVD User Guide (PDF)

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