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PostalPro Workshop-in-a-Box

This presentation will cover how and why we’ve begun the redesign of the Rapid Information Bulletin Board  (known as RIBBS) website and what to expect over the next few months as PostalPro transitions from its beta state. You will be given the opportunity to participate in the PostalPro beta site and provide valuable feedback.

In addition to the workshop-in-a-box, USPS has developed a short animated video to help increase PCC member’s awareness of the RIBBS redesign. Due to the size of the video, we have not included it in this alert. You can access the video on the PCC BlueShare site. The link is provided below. 


A PDF copy of the presentation with note pages is posted on RIBBS: CLICK HERE


The PCC workshop-in-a-box program gives PCCs the ability to provide educational information and material to their members.

Click here for updated information: Ribbs Site IntelligentMail Presentations

Intelligent Mail® Education

Mail Entry Guides and Fact Sheets

Pre-production Environment Training
Recordings are available for two recent training sessions. These training sessions were to familiarize existing mailers with the new Pre-Production environment for the Online Enrollment Services and Incentive

  • POSTNET™ Retirement
  • A Plan for Every Mailer (PDF)
  • Intelligent Mail Education
  • Full-Service Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (PDF)
  • PostalOne! Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (PDF)
  • Mailing Data Quality Reports Training Updates (PDF)
  • How to Work with Your Mail Preparer (PPT)
  • IMb Initial Steps for Mailers (PPT)
  • Business Customer Gateway (PDF)
  • Videos
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (WMV/38MB)
  • USPS Intelligent Mail and Seamless Acceptance (WMV/55MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Move Update DVD
  • Move Update (WMV/89MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode Implementation (WMV/139MB)
  • Service Standards (WMV/37MB)
  • Customer/Supplier Agreements (WMV/30MB)
  • Intelligent Mail Move Update DVD User Guide (PDF)

Northeast Area Focus Meeting info & Presentations-


Get Training, Learn To Grow. https://www.usps.com/business/get-training-learn-to-grow.htm

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