Welcome to CT Valley PCCs
Welcome to CT Valley PCCs


Questions regarding Sponsorships, please contact Colleen Stradtman

at Colleen.stradtman@usps.gov or by phone at 860-524-6495.


Thank you to our following sponsors:

Platinum Level Sponsor



Data - Mail, Inc. is a full service direct marketing firm that can provide complete, turnkey solutions across multiple channels, scalable to large volumes.


Gold Level Sponsor

Bronze Level Sponsors

  • CPT Intelligent Technologies, Inc
  • CompuMail
  • DeBourke Company
  • Gunther International
  • Pexagon Tech

Copper Level Sponsors

  • Broadridge Customer Communications
  • Corporate Mailing Services

Northeast Area Focus Meeting info & Presentations-


Get Training, Learn To Grow. https://www.usps.com/business/get-training-learn-to-grow.htm

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