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Welcome to CT Valley PCCs

2019 National PCC Awards Ceremony @ USPS HQ

2019 National PCC Awards Ceremony @ USPS HQ Shown here from left to right: Vivian Larosa, Allied Printing Service, Christie Christensen, Manager, Marketing CT Valley District, Megan Brennan, PMG / CEO, USPS, Susan Reese, ServicePress, Kevin Hogan O.I.C. Hartford, CT

2019 National PCC Awards Ceremony @ USPS HQ Shown here from left to right:

Jacqueline Krage Strako, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President, USPS HQ, Mike Lombardi-State of RI, Jeanne Jackson,Postmaster, Providence RI, Megan Brennan, PMG / CEO, USPS HQ, Ronald Stroman-Deputy PMG HQ

2019 CT PCC Golf Outing 

Tuesday, May 21st - Indian Hill CC, Newington, CT 


YALE acup+ 2019

Superheroes Breakfast at Sacred Heart University March 2019

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Change of address services (COA)

 COA requests made at Post Offices are available at no cost.

USPS wants customers to know they may be paying too much for change of address (COA) services at non-postal websites. USPS has no relationships with non-postal sites that offer change of address. Some sites charge as much as $40 to register new addresses. Others charge nominal fees upfront before tacking on hefty charges later.


Consumers often find the sites while searching for change of address information online. Some sites falsely claim to be affiliated with the Postal Service. USPS charges $1.05 identity verification fee to process COA requests submitted online.


Customers who used a non-postal site to submit a change of address request and request a refund should be referred to the business that operates the site


Since the launch of the Postal Service mobile application (app), more than 4.6 million people have downloaded the app in its iPhone, Android and BlackBerry configurations. No matter the device, customers can use the app to track packages, find Post Office locations, calculate shipping prices, look up ZIP Codes, schedule pickups, order supplies or request hold mail services.


The iPhone application, released in December 2009, has been downloaded by 3.6 million customers and is ranked the 11th most popular free business application in the Apple App Store. The Android application, released in March 2011, has been downloaded about 900,000 times.


Each platform application has recorded millions of visits. Customers using the iPhone version are visiting USPS online more than 1 million times each week. Go to https://www.usps.com/mobile/info.htm   to get started.

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