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IMpb Breakfast Seminar    

March 4, 2015 

8:00 am - 12:00 Noon

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT 





The U.S. Postal Service now requires mailers to affix an IM®pb-compliant package tracking barcode to all commercial parcels.  

Parcels that do not display an approved barcode, risk return and/or delivery delays, as well as increased postage rates in some instances.

Have you taken the necessary steps to become compliant?

Hosted by the

Fairfield & New Haven

Postal Customer Councils








Don't miss this exclusive event!

The IMpb is one of the most talked about postal topics.  Mailers who send parcels must be aware of these changes and how it can affect their postal budget.  Learn  from experts in the field who will discuss the IMpb, the benefits to you, and what you need to do to become complaint.  


Who should attend: Mail Managers, Office Managers, and anyone sending packages.




8:00 am - Registration

8:30 am - Breakfast

9:00 am - Opening Remarks  

9:10 am - IMpb Workshop

11:00 am - Priority Mail Products & Solutions



Sacred Heart University 

University Commons

5151 Park Ave

Fairfield, CT

Parking is in the Faculty/Staff lot.

Contact 203-396-8204 for directions on



To register, contact Lisa Landone


Telephone: 203-745-8144

Cost: $15 per person











Frank Polacco
Business Development Specialist, USPS

Frank began his career with the United States Postal Service in 2006. In his current role as Business Development Specialist, Frank educates both employees and customers
about the suite of business-class offerings made possible by the US Postal Service.
He is most excited by a marketer's ability to "Connect the Tangible to the Digital" through solutions such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality. Utilizing these technologies, advertisers now have an opportunity to maximize the value of their marketing, driving customers directly to their offer through the use of any internet-enabled device.



 Ralph Mezzoni

Director, Product Marketing, Mailroom Solutions, Neopost USA

Ralph Mezzoni has over 16 years experience in the mailing industry working in a variety of disciplines including production mail, software, tabletop inserting and mailing systems.

Ralph brings a wealth of knowledge about practical and innovative applications

as well as current trends that impact today's mailing professionals.


Michelle Legg

Director, Product and

Program Management,

Neopost USA

Michelle Legg brings over a decade of experience and knowledge in shipping and technology management. She also has over twenty years of experience in product and program management.  Michelle has been employed by Neopost for four years.


Heather Dyer

Business Systems  Program Manager, USPS Mail Entry Headquarters

Heather Dyer has held various positions within the USPS including Postmaster, Manager, Business Mail Entry, BusinessMailer Support Analyst, and eVS ProgramManager.

Her areas of expertise are in Seamless Acceptance, IMpb requirements, Mail Preparation and Entry,
as well as package acceptance.







 Learn about shipping options available through the US Postal Service!  Check out the article on the Postal Tid Bits tab on the left side of this page.

Business Mail Training to be held locally in 2015:


Executive Mail Center Manager Certification

Mailpiece Design Professional Certification


The PCC will be offering these training sessions locally in 2015 (dates still to be determined).  If you are interested in getting more information, please contact ghpcc@pcc-ct-org. Please check the Upcoming Local Workshop Tab on the left column.


Get hands-on experience with business mail functions, mail management, and supervisory techniques in the Executive Mail Center Management Program. Or learn the tools you need for Mail Design Professional certification. inline secti


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Join us for one of our upcoming Grow Your Business Days where we will offer an in-depth overview of our Every Door Direct Mail service as well as the benefits and features of Online Shipping at  To RSVP, please contact Frank Polacco, Business Development Specialist, or by calling (860) 524-6264.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Change of address services


services. COA requests made at Post Offices are available at no cost. There’s a

USPS wants customers to know they may be paying too much for change of address (COA) services at non-postal websites.


Some sites charge as much as $40 to register new addresses. Others charge nominal fees upfront before tacking on hefty charges later.


Consumers often find the sites while searching for change of address information online. Some sites falsely claim to be affiliated with the Postal Service.


USPS has no relationships with non-postal sites that offer change of address $1.05 identity verification fee to process COA requests submitted online.


Customers who used a non-postal site to submit a change of address request and request a refund should be referred to the business that operates the site


Since the launch of the Postal Service mobile application (app), more than 4.6 million people have downloaded the app in its iPhone, Android and BlackBerry configurations. No matter the device, customers can use the app to track packages, find Post Office locations, calculate shipping prices, look up ZIP Codes, schedule pickups, order supplies or request hold mail services.

The iPhone application, released in December 2009, has been downloaded by 3.6 million customers and is ranked the 11th most popular free business application in the Apple App Store. The Android application, released in March 2011, has been downloaded about 900,000 times.

Each platform application has recorded millions of visits. Customers using the iPhone version are visiting USPS online more than 1 million times each week. Go to   to get started.

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